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The Forum is Free for all to use. Enjoy it and have fun. 
















Please Ignore Below:

The "Gun Sales section" will be free until it is populated. Once there is a population of people using it, I will begin charging for it. Until then enjoy and ignore the subscription. If you like what you see and would like to contribute, feel free to use the donation button on the Home page, or contact me for mailing address at Thank you very much for helping further shooting sports in Massachusetts-- Gary Davis


PayPal-- I don't like using it but until I generate some funds, I'm going to. If anyone has a substitute for it, I'm happy to switch. please let me know




The forum is free for everyone to use. There is a section for buying, selling and trading guns on the forum. If you would like to be part of that, it will cost $3 a year. All major credit card accepted. It comes with a 7day free trail. if you change your mind, you can cancel before the 7 days runs out via email. No refunds after 7 days.